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Im trying to make a fishing rod, a flexible line that bends when you put some weight at the end.


I have read the basic kangaroo manual but I need more information about rods to develope this definition.


My problem is that when I fix just one anchor point the rod falls down to the floor, so it looks like I should be fixing another anchor point, but how??


any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I've attached a fixed version of the file.


To fix the angle of the rod at one end you need to anchor 2 consecutive points. (the 0th and 1st)


Also, the bending force does not automatically include length preservation, so you need to add some springs for that too.



Thank you very much for the quick answer!

You are developing a piece of gold with your kangaroo, congrats :)




Hi, I'm a student from Portland State University, I have been following "Rod discussion", I think that the following link may help you with your understanding of the Fishing Rods, Graig Spolek is a Mechanical Engineering Professor at PSU, and has written a fair amount of fishing poles.  See link below.

Take Care,





Thanks! :D






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