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Hi all,

I'm trying to do a 2D data visualisation animation where I have several circles that gradually change their radii over time. I want the circles to touch but not overlap, and to 'gravitate' towards the origin. I.e. it may start like this:

Then one gets bigger:

So they rearrange to something like this:

It might have to be that the bigger the circles, the 'heavier' they are, thereby gravitating more towards the origin and pushing smaller circles aside.

Pretty sure this is a Kangaroo task but I'm new to the plugin and not sure which key words to search for. I've tried 'circle packing' and 'collision' but haven't found quite what I'm looking for. I've tried editing Daniel's "SphereCollide_MultipleRadii" example (gh attached):

but it doesn't converge; the circles overlap and flutter out of control, here is a snapshot:

Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

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You were close! See attached...


Perfect, thanks! What does the "Show" component do?

isolates any geometry (which Kangaroo manipulates) that you would like to handle separately with the objective to "show" it in a particular manner (e.g. meshes, lines, groups of elements etc.)






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