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Hello forum,
can someone help me with these two issues:
1) I wanted to drape anchored peace of cloth over moving collision solid. First I tried with CollideSurf. On very first collision moments everything looks fine, cloth start to raise over sphere. Next, cloth break apart! It is very spectacular breaking but that was not what I wanted to achieve. I wanted cloth to drape over sphere correctly. Can you help me understand this strange behaviour and suggest me right sollution for simulation?

2) I tried to set collision simulation using CollideMesh and I couldn't make it collide at all. Can you explain me how to use CollideMesh properly.

All Kangaroo settings are default. Here are .gh files for both issues. Thank you.

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just nobody?!

Try the archimedes solver in Kangaroo options->Solver type.

Also, the slider moving your sphere up and down should be set to at least 2 or 3 digits so that the sphere moves less abruptly.

I have the same problem .I want a mesh to pull to an open Double curved face ,how i can do ?

Expect a good person help .thanks!

From what i understand, the collidemesh component depends on a Rhinocommon method that is not yet properly implemented. The component wont work until the guys working on Rhino fix this.






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