algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here's an example definition showing how to generate a circle packing from an arbitrary triangulation:

as shown here

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Thanks man :) 



great! do you plan a 3d update for this definition? would be great!

thanks bea

Hi Bea,

What kind of 3d update do you have in mind ?

hi Daniel,

Why i lose some defination in the gh file?I can't see all the component.


Hi Jiang,

It looks like maybe you are not running the latest version of Grasshopper.

Try updating ( and see if that fixes things

oh yes.My version is not the latest.I will update it and see if it works.

Thang you very much Dainel.

thank you very much!


This looks perfect for my needs, but will not load.

I am getting an unrecognized objects error, all for kangaroo components version 0.08.

Have a clean install and kangaroo seems to work 

What I have I done wrong?

Hi Daniel,

thank you for the great definition! i'm trying to use it to help me achieve the necessary opening efficiency on a metal panel perforation of a naturally ventilated park garage. anyways, here is my question:

i've taken your definition, added a few anchor points and a new mesh (not a lot) but for some reason i do not seem to get the mesh to "settle down", and when it does it wants to crumple up. any ideas what i've missed here? (i'm sure it something very simple). I've attached the portion of my graph, the high res image and two gifs, one showing a successful run of your script and the other with the behavior i am experiencing.

thank you in advance for your help...







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