algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Catenary Surface with attracting points in the middle of plane?

I need to make a surface that hovers over a landscape and then reacts by following individual points int he middle of the surface and contacting them at the ground level. How do I do this? My previous attempt have been disappointingly fruitless.

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Re-Starting from node 0 since depth in answers is limited.:

Tip: When the latest attached V12B i(Plan Z plus) s used properly (but how to do that? this is the 1M question > who knows? and who cares?  he he) it can do stuff like these (and much more IF the V12C is around):

The above option is ideally suited for Dubai (real 25++ karat gold, no kidding).

Using other humble materials (like brushed Titanium or SS 316 L) for the peasants:

There's also a diamond option available (but requires V12E)


Ducati 916 is the bike that defined the 20th Century (every Museum of modern Art has one - occasionally in yellow).

Penned by the Greatest Ever: Maestro Massimo Tamburini (the Ta in the notorious bespoke Italian firm BiMoTa). Then Massimo did the MV F4 (and the Brutale) and the world gone upside down (again). 

"Successor" (kinda) Ducati 999 is indeed penned by that man ... but (for obvious reasons) Ducati fired him (unfortunately Confederate hired him).  

BTW: forget bicycles, try this:

Hmm. Noted. It is a beautiful thing though.

If you have any more patience in your beautiful body, do you have any ideas on how I can combine the vortex-y geometry of the one file with the beauty of all this kangaroo stuff?

Whenever I try to apply it on a large scale it just gets supper grody, eats it up and spits out chewing gum. 

p.s. no pressure to keep helping, youre just amazing so if you have it in you--- thank you thank you thank you!


Well ...

... the thing is that today is the Mother of all days: Super Hero Valentino (N46) does the MotoGP thingy in Argentina and some other (less super) fellas do the F1 thingy in Qatar > therefor I'm fully occupied by doing the proper Voodoo (purely in the name of Science) against anyone not in Lord's short list.

PS: Ducati riders not approved by The Lord, mind.

IF N46 deliver the goods > I'll provide the ultimate def:

How_to_do_ nothing_using_everything_V666

Note: Less is More (meaning that the more stuff you add the less the whole thing makes any sense). 

Awesome! Okay rooting for Rossi then. Excellent stuff

Surprised none of the ducati folk got your support, but youre the expert here.

Thanks so much. You are the coolest ever.

Had a spiritual contact with the greatest ever (Mies VDR): Master (of all things) said that all that are rubbish because they are more instead of less.

Master (of all things) recommends the following:

1. Buy some anti gravity tissue (available on request by Fotiadis ACME Industries: any color you want, payment in advance, cash only).

2. Create a pavement with a rectangular hole. Use Buchtal Bosco tiles (the most expensive stuff around > we live once). Avoid trees (it's too late) and/or anything (Less is more).

3 .Put Vodka into the hole (I do hope Russian top stuff).

4. Do a semi submerged grid of tissues (vertical due to 1 - or your money back).

4. Provide armchairs to the spectators (these things take time). Put ZZTop on the stereo (or Cure). Empty your mind. Reset.

5. Wait for some appropriate wind and/or the 4 horsemen (whatever comes first).

Moral: ResetNowForEver


Yikes (forgot the main thing: blame sofa racing)


And whilst doing the so called sofa/living room racing have in mind:

Designs are divided into 3 classes: 0.01% are the ultimate, 90% are the indifferent and 9.99% are the kitsch (and/or hideously kitsch).

Here's the hideously kitsch:

And the ultimate:


poor zaha. not even cold yet.

I don't think I've ever followed a sports event.  Firsts for everything.

Interesting wind stuff. Thanks again- keep me posted if some amazing race results incur a brilliant surge of inspiration and way to combine the geometry with grasshopper!

Thank you thank you thank you

The ducati brothers didn't fare so well, but rossi came out pretty well!







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