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Hi guys, 

I want to use Ivy to unwrap this mesh, It seems to be a good mesh as far as I can tell. I can get the flat fabrication component to output the curves, however when I use the piece arrangement component it doesnt produce any results. The only thing it does produce is a plane in Rhino, but no curves or objects. 

I think the issue takes place when the split flat graphs is put into the piece arrangement component, but I dont know how to fix it. 

The second Image in this link shows what I am seeing.



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Hi Harrison.

Yes, the problem comes from a plug-in I was using (Mesh Edit from UTO). Without it the cluster does not produce an output and does not signal any problem through an error message either. Please use the attached cluster instead. This one is no longer dependent on any outside tools. 

Just drop it on your GH canvas and it should appear in your Ivy - Fabrication section. 




Hi Andrei,

Thanks for the quick reply, this work perfectly, I have 2 more questions.

Some of the cut edges overlap, is there any way to fix this?

example :

Secondly, For the fabrication process I used the colour coded mesh as reference, and it worked fine, however, is there a way to assemble just by using the codes on each piece?



Hi Harrison, 

The edge overlap should only happen for flaps. You should not have any overlaps between the faces or faces/flaps. Unfortunately for the flaps it is hard to avoid first for geometrical reasons and second because flaps are added after the unroll happens.

Second question. Yes - the text tags work as follows : first number = piece number, second number = face number on original mesh. The numbers in the center of the piece refer the to face and the numbers close to the edges of the face refer to the other faces connecting to the face. So you need to look at the edges to find the other pieces that connect to a certain unrolled segment. 



Hi Andrei, 

thank you very much for this amazing piece of tools !!

I have a 2 requests if it simple to implement :

1_is it possible to have a control on the tex tag positions ? The need is to position all the tags inside the flaps so nothing is engraved inside the faces. We prefer to mark(high speed low power cut instead of engraving) the foldin and foldout edges on the external face of the paper to get that smoothly burnt edge color visible in the end of the process ;-) And as you can understand we don't want to see any face flag on faces . The idea is to get tags in the flaps with the following syntax : "other_face_tag / this_face_tag "  .

Or if you prefer you can make locations available separately outside the "Flat Fab" so we can relocate according our need .

2_ is it possible to control the number of blocks of flattened faces. I've made some tries by hand with Rhino Unrollsrf with the same geometry and I can get less number of blocks ... so perhaps it is possible ?!

Thanks again.







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