algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Set Design Options

You can create Design Options using the Iris Layer component!

For each set of geometries that you create, you can assign a layer and define whether it will be visible or not in Virtual Reality on the first load in Prospect. This example file is included in the Prospect plugin folder. Download it here!

Let's imagine that we have 3 geometries that can become the final design for a project. In this example, we have a sphere (Option 1), a cube (Option 2) and a cone (Option 3) and we have applied different materials to them. You can see below how turning the layers on and off using the Prospect UI can show you what the project will feel like for each option. You could use the same logic to apply different materials to the same geometry (by instantiating it 3 times and applying those materials) or to explore different parameters applied to same base geometry.

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