algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I think I've downloaded and installed the latest version (0.8.1).

But it doesn't appear to be IntraLatticePro.

Also I sent messages through the website Contact which always fails.

I've viewed the YouTube video, which displays IntraLattice 2 on the ribbon, where my version just displays IntraLattice.

Also, on the video some of the components have additional parameters, where my version doesn't have them.

e.g. ConformSS has a MF parameter that I don't.

Likewise FlipUV is part of the component, where I need a separate component.

Again, Homogen has a N parameter that I don't.

Heterogen has a Axis Selct & N parameter that I don't.

You get the picture.

Could someone please let me know how to get the latest version.


Dana Church

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