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I just can't import doors into Revit 2015. I have ~700 doors that I want to add to Revit walls. Walls imported fine, but when importing doors, it just creates nothing. I have tried latest December version with no results. Family like table imports fine in same places where doors should be.

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Atis, unfortunately this is a limitation on the Revit side of Hummingbird.  You cannot place families that are "hosted" (a door is hosted in a wall.)  You could create some doors that were not hosted but that wouldn't be very useful in Revit.  The only workaround I can suggest is to place some sort of dummy families to get the locations and then manually place the doors by snapping to their insertion points.  Sorry it's not a better answer.  I'll think about adding the functionality but it will be fairly complicated to do so.  Mario

Hi Mario,

Thanks for reply, maybe there is some other free GH to Revit plugin that can export/import doors? 






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