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Hey Andrew,

Is it fair to say that legends are going to be one of the most common cases that users will be using the new human's components for? If yes then can I ask for a new component just for legends?



PS: I also have David's vote. ;)

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that's a great idea. I prefer text below/to the side of a legend rather than on it the way the default has it - feelings on that? Also - it might not be hard to just make a user object to do it that would have all the same functionality but be more customizable. Do you have a preference one way or another?

Thank you for the quick reply.

I always like to give the user the option to customize it as they like over my personal preferences. (e.g: Ladybug's LegendPar component + Horizontal/vertical)

Agreed. It is easy enough to create a UserObject but I think to have a clean component just for legend should be something that users would desire.

I'll put it on my to do list

Awesome. Thanks.






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