algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

This seems like a very simple problem but I can't figure out at all what is going wrong!

All I'm trying to do is create a material in a certain colour, then apply that material to a layer. But whenever I try this, the layer creation component won't recognise the material:

Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? I have previously used this method successfully, although I no longer have access to the file.

For my actual project I have a model with a lot of elements from which I want to produce some renders where each element is a different colour, so baking and manually applying materials in Rhino is off the table. 

Thanks for your help,


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I've discovered the root of the problem - the Materials component doesn't appear to work in Rhino 6. 

I dug out another model where I did something similar successfully, and sure enough, it works fine on Rhino 5 but won't generate the material property in Rhino 6.

If necessary I can revert to Rhino 5 for this exercise but if anyone can think of another way around this I would be very grateful.



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Ok, thanks.






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