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TIP: use timer component with object selection to get real time feedback

I found myself needing to know the elevations of some objects while I was working on a drawing.  I wanted to be able to just click on the object and get it's elevation.  This particular drawing was a grading/site plan that had various object types imported from other applications.

(Contours from ACAD, spot elevations/blocks from Civil3d, etc).  Also discovered that our spot elevation blocks from Civil 3D stored their elevation data as user text.  Very handy.

By adding a timer component to the human component "objects by selection", I was able to just click on various objects, without resetting the boolean toggle, (that's what the timer component did).  NOTE: I wouldn't leave it on all the time as it is constantly refreshing and might throw an error once in a while), but it was a handy little utility for me while working out some grading options. 

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Hey Chris - 

Thanks for sharing this! For a long time this is also how I was doing "Live" selection reporting. However, the latest version of Human (not sure if I've put it up on food4rhino yet to be honest) has a "Live" mode built-in to the objects by selection component - so no timer is necessary! Just right click and choose live and it will automatically refresh when the current selection is changed. 

Try it out and let me know what you think!


I used that method too, thanks Andrew nice implementation, this is an old script to evaluate the rotation to the closest camera plane (clock or anti clockwise) without bake...


This is great!  Thanks for letting me know.  works like a charm!

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