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Sort Items and Branches by Object Attributes - beginner question

Hi, I am trying to sort out my Hatch objects by the name attribute. Within each hatch group I have the same name assigned to the hatch object, and would like to create a branch of the tree for each name in the list, and have each object in the group live in that branch (so I can just use a Split command later to reference them)

I feel like the solution is somewhere in the Human Utilities, but I'm not quite sure how I need to manipulate my inputs to allow this to happen.

Anyone got a hint?

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Try using "create set" on the name list, and then connect the "M" output to the "paths" input of assign paths. The "data" input of assign paths will be the hatch geometry or whatever you're trying to organize.

Hope that helps - if you need more assistance it would be helpful for you to upload your files. 

Thanks, that totally works!





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