algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey Andrew,

First of all this is a super super cool feature! As I said I think this is a game changer. Great job!

I gave it a try with a really simple geometry and once I zoomed out, the view cuts off parts of the geometry. Watch this link: ( .I attached the file so you can give it a try.



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This is ridiculously amazing! Works like a charm with legend. I think I will make some changes in the next version of Ladybug so the legend works better with this components! Just wanted to share the happiness. :)  

Of course you'd immediately find the fatal flaw :D

It's an issue I don't know how to solve - the boundingbox of the actual geometry I'm drawing to the screen is changing every time you orbit or zoom - but "public override BoundingBox ClippingBox" seems not to refresh as often as DrawViewportWires. Seems like once per component execution, while in my case the boundingbox should be dynamically changing all the time. Any ideas? I posted a question here:

Hi Andrew, I haven't played with viewport that much. What you are dealing with is way over my head. Looks like a question for David...This is cool stuff!






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