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I'm trying to work out a problem in the Rhino WIP version of Grasshopper, since the current release for Rhino 5 lacks some color components that I require. Anyway, when I go to make use of the Human component Justified 3D Text in the new version, it gives me this error...

1. Solution exception:Method not found: 'Void Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity.set_FontIndex(Int32)'.

I've already made sure that I have the most recent version of Human and that it's unblocked. Is there anything else that I should try, or is this a simple disagreement between versions?

Windows 10, 64-bit, Rhino Work In Progress (6.0.17094.9041, 04/04/2017)

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Just noticed this myself the other day - I will have to create a new special rhino 6 build to fix this. Hope to have one soon!

Aces! I am constantly in admiration of (and thankful for) your responsiveness to little problems like this.

Pssst... Any news of this update? I am caught in limbo between a Grasshopper that lacks the components I need and a Human that doesn't agree with the Rhino beta.

I'm still eagerly awaiting a new version of Human for Rhino6 with a working Justified 3d text component. I hope you're well.






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