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Can an object's DepthMode value be defined by Human?

I have three overlapping hatches that aren't printing correctly. I can modify the depthmode value once I bake the objects into rhino, but that's no fun...

If not, any suggestions?



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Hi David - I'm not sure I know what you mean. DepthMode is a property of a DisplayPipeline, not of an object. Do you mean the draw order? What are you adjusting in Rhino once you bake? 

If you're trying to modify the display order (like "send to back" "bring to front" etc) you can use a script like this to adjust the existing object attributes you're creating w/ human:


Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I do mean draw order. Once the hatches are baked, I'm using "send to back" to create the correct draw order.

I'm going to try out this script and let you know how it goes. I very much appreciate the guidance. Do you know if there is a maximum DisplayOrder value?



according to the RhinoCommon documentation there does not seem to be a limit, although practically speaking I would limit it to *reasonably* small numbers: 

Display order used to force objects to be drawn on top or behind each other. Larger numbers draw on top of smaller numbers.

0 = draw object in standard depth buffered order

<0 = draw object behind "normal" draw order objects

>0 = draw object on top of "normal" draw order objects






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