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Custom Preview Materials component colors the geometry in gray

Hi Andrew,

I've been using Human components without any issue for a couple of years on my old PC.

I recently started using my a laptop, with the following versions:

Rhino 5.12.50810.13095, 08/10/2015 64 bit

Grasshopper 0.9.0076

Windows 7 64 bit

The problem is that for some reason Custom Preview Materials component colors the surface geometry in gray.

Like this:

I tried using different images for the "DB" input, but I get the same result: gray colored surface.
Can this be an issue with the graphic card maybe (I have ATI Radeon HD 3200).

I tried installing the newest drivers for the graphic card, but still not improvement.
I can not check if this problem can be repeated with my old PC, as it is now in another country, but still for years I have't had problem on it with this component.
And now on this laptop, I do.

Any suggestion on what could be causing this would be a very appreciated!

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Hey Djordje - Are you seeing the texture at all? Or just pure grey?

I have noticed on some machines the texture display will take on a slightly grey tint, but still show up - where others will correctly render a pure white. 

Hi Andrew,

I can not see the texture at all. It's pure gray as seen on the upper rectangle.

I also tried combining Human's "Planar Mapping" component with "Custom Preview Materials" component to map a bitmap to a mesh: but got the same result: just a gray colored mesh.
I tried using your latest Human version (2017-Feb-08) from, as well as this older one from 2015.






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