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Hi all,

After not using hoopsnake for six months or so I'm back at it, but having some trouble. Is hoopsnake acting funny or am I forgetting something critical?

I'll add some screenshots to aid in the explanation, but basically everything is working great when I click the (play button) step manually [step, step, step...]. But if I try to "Loop All" or even "Reset All" I'm getting problems. Previously I had something more complicated and upon resetting it, I just got 0's coming out.

I've greatly simplified it so I can pinpoint what's going wrong, but now what it's doing is dropping every data item in the list except the first value.

In this simple definition, I start with a series of values (0 - 9). All hoopsnake is doing is adding 1 to each value, then returning back to add 1, and then add 1, and then add 1... This works correctly when I click step by step, but when I reset, the data gets dropped to the first value (and then performs the addition correctly on that one value). To get it back to working, I have to disconnect from the D input and then reconnect it (same exact way), and then it looks good again. But then once I loop or reset it's back to one value.

Anything I'm missing here, any suggestions? Thanks!

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Adding three more screenshots.

[screenshot guide:]

01: things working well before plugging in D

02: things working well after initially plugging in D

03: things working well when clicking "Step"

04: things working well when clicking "Step"

05: things breaking down when clicking "Reset All", data down to single item

06: "Loop All" correctly adding +1 to that single value, but where are the other values?





(sorry for all the separate replies; having trouble uploading the screenshots)







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