algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Thanks for a great component!


Here's a very simple version of Lloyd's algorithm done with it

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Here's the definition. The first part creates a random distribution of points, weighted according to the darkness of the chosen image. The Lloyd relaxation step is just the 3 components at the end.

Thanks for sharing this cool definition!

I tried to use it and it kind of works just when i directly plug the cull component to the voronoi one skipping the HS... it does not have the same detail though...

Is there a way to increase/decrease the number of points within the distribution and therefore to sharpen the final image?


thank you!

Hi, Daniel. I can't download this attachment now. May you post again? Thank you so much

That looks outstanding!!!!
the hoop snake doesnot seem to work in the attached gh file

Works here in Rhino 4 GH 8.0010.

What seems to be the problem?

the hoopsnake component shows up in orange color and doesnot output any data


follow the instructions you can find here: (double-click on HS component...). I Hope it helps (on my gh 8.0009 the definition worked perfectly)!


Thank you Yiannis for the smart component!!

I do have one kind of unrelated question did you groud those three definitions in the script?

is there a way to set a size step that it subdivides for each iteration? 






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