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I had mentioned offhand in this discussion, but I thought I'd reiterate it here - it would be really great to have an option to cause Hoopsnake to automatically re-run its loop on an update to the data being fed to it. If I want to use a recursive process as a substep of a much larger definition, hoopsnake "breaks" the parametric flow of a definition, in that making a change upstream of hoopsnake does not cause those changes to be propagated all the way downstream.


As an example, imagine using hoopsnake with galapagos, where the genome drives a recursive process that generates the fitness factor; as it works currently, the hoopsnake component would not recalculate on a change in the genome, so galapagos would not function properly.



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Hi Yiannis,

I hope your graduation project went well ;)

I am using the Hoopsnake component for a loop with Karamba3D and it works well manually. What it does, when Karamba optimizes my structure then HS takes a wind drag area of my structure. The structure is exposed to wind, so when Karamba changes (designs) a member according to the internal forces then the wind drag area is changed as well. Then the value goes back to HS and a new iteration has been done by Karamba. It is very straight forward and after few iteration I can get my optimal design. 

My challelnge is that I need to do this many times triggered by a slider which is controlled by a Galapagos component. 

The *T input parameter in HS can take a value as True or False, but it seems I doesn't work, or at least I was not able to trigger a new loop anyhow. 

Can you advise how to trigger Hoopsnake with a boolean or maybe with a slider when it changes its value? Does this developed?

Thank you

Br, Balazs

I think it looks pretty good!

No surprise that you get feedback. Man! We've been waiting this for years now!


In the first hs component I connected T to the initial value (you know why) but can you plug in both init. value and nested loop's iL output?


Anyway, do graduate first.









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