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Wooly Traveller, Agent-based Modelling via Heteroptera+Grasshopper

Wooly Traveler ( If they Catch the Wagon ) from Niloofar Najafi on Vimeo.

This Agent-based Project is modeled and animated in Grasshopper, using Heteroptera features only.

Imagine the world ruled by agents and particles, creating their destiny by making decisions each second having to face a new dilemma. Behavior of these agents may cause a different variation of events depend on their character, abilities, or their environment. For example: behavior of people for catching a train could change their entire lives.

Having all these in mind, Wooly Traveller project was implemented in 3 main phases:
1st phase- Defining a scenario: a number of agents trying to travel among different planets, catching different trains with various paths, speed and destiny.
2nd phase: Controlling Scenario by turning it into mathematical graphs including: , Wagons Speed, Wandering Scale ( to define if Agent is determined about it's target or is open to new decisions about it's destiny), Fetter amount (Travelers Laziness, defining whether they want to change their wagon or not),
3rd phase: Using Heteroptera (GH- Plugin) components to Model the system and, run the agents, track them, observe their behavior and finally visualize their story provided by its animation features.

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