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Is anyone else running into issues getting the RESTraster image to work today?  The component is outputting a REST query correctly, and appears grey as if it was working without error, but no image is downloaded.  When I put the query into a web browser, the I'm either getting errors or blank images back.  for instance, with the default seattle Washington example file, I get this query:

which gives an error in the webbrowser of:

Could not access any GIS Server machines. Please contact your system administrator.

Does anyone know if the GIS server is down?  Has the query request changed?

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From my experience using this tool, Rest raster services are very inconsistent. I've had a number of problems recently with the USGS (national map) services, especially the 1 foot ortho imagery, not downloading at all, or downloading blank images. I would try another rest raster service for your ortho such as Esri's World Imagery:

Unfortunately, that seems to be the case across all options in both the ESRI and USGS catalogs. this is using the default heron example file.  I've replaced all of the components to ensure that they are loading correctly. Still no luck. 

The ESRI service is working for me right now.  Perhaps a problem with your install, the boundary, or where you are saving the images? 

Thats all I got... best of luck!






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