algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Thibault:

We are trying to replicate your milling definition (attached)

Everything goes well in the simulation, untill we switch to code generation, then IK Solver throws an error, base, arm and tool geo turn orange.

Anyways, we save the file, the robot reads it ok

But, when we start milling it seems the process is rotated in 90 degrees

Please see image attached

Best Regards


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Hi Mario,
You defined your tool with a 90° rotation on the robot flange, so... of course it will be turned by 90° as well in the reality ;) And the rotation around the spindle is weird, have you checked my example?

Orange robot = you reach a singularity = you should take that into account, it will block the execution when the robot will reach this position.

Hi thibault

I will keep on working on this


Hi Thibault:

Roughing went great, no problemas on that

We are now trying to generate the finishing process.

Again using your example definition.

But when we connect the MillSpeed parameter the component goes red.

Any ideas why this is happening

Thans so much !

the error:

1. Solution exception:Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index

Hi Mario,

You forgot to change the tool direction (input "ToolOrient"), so right now you are trying to finish a surface in a -Z direction, which is geometrically not possible. In your case, X should work.


We just connected x axis to the tool orient parameter

Still on red

You are right, that's a bug, let me check

Oh, ok, we thought we were making something wrong.

Thanks so much!!!

Hi Thibault:

I saw you created a new hal version!

Is that bug fixed in this upgrade?



Hi Mario,

HAL 5 is the version you are already using.


i see

allright so i´m looking forward to that bug fix







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