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Hello Guys:

We are trying to use the speed expert component, since you can have control over acceleration of the robot.

I noticed that on curved toolpath the movement is slower than the straight ones.

I downloaded speed example file, and tried to use it on my definition, evrything goes well untill the robot tries to read the file, getting an error.

Note that this does nor happen using the regular speed component.

Please see files attached



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Hi Mario,

Could you please post the exact error message that you get on the controller?

Which version of KSS do you have?

Hi Thibault:

First error:

wallTest_1: 3 compilation errors
error display:
line 99, column 5, error n° 2137 , description: variable not declared
Second error:
line 99, column 5, Error n° 2263, Description: type of loop variable not equal to INT
Third error:
line 100, column 11, Error n° 2137, Description: Variable not declared
Thank you

On the manual: versión: P1KSS8 Roboterprogrammierung V1 es

Hi Mario,

You need to declare a "i" variable in your program, since the expert speed is iterating over the joints based on this value (cf. the "code" output).

So you have to place


In the declarations.


Hi Thibault:

Thanks so much for your help, that fixed the problem!!!

We will post the results asap.

Best Regards


No problem, have fun with the beast ;)





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