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i am trying this for the first time and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. i am trying to use grasshopper + ghowl to read real time data from a weather site's API.  i have a key for their API and i also have the URL for the RSS feed.  

i think i should be using the XML parse component in grasshopper, but how do i connect the url to the component?  i think i should use it as the file path and connect to parse XML, but how do i set the file path when it is a URL (and not an excel spreadsheet, for example)?  i am really unfamiliar with this sort of thing so it is probably a very simple answer.  any help would be appreciated. 

thank you 

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maybe the question is more about the output.

i have the URL connected to the XML component and another panel connected to the value output, whichis giving me some information.  if it is real time, then can i expect to see additional information updated to the output panel? 


hey I just tried your rss feed and the info is updated. now you can start to pick the lines and numbers you want.

thank you, martin.  i understand it all better after spending some more time with it.  if i attach a timer to update the data and then use list item i can pick the data i'd like to use.  thank you for your response!

This is the outgoing address of the base file.

This could be the cause of information errors on the page. I use this resource to find the right ways to optimize my site. The base file is the tip of the iceberg because an unconfigured sitemap is the reason for most sites being sanctioned. You must customize the outgoing file and site structure.






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