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Hi all,

I'm trying to use Hummingbird to push a screen design across into Revit.

I'm getting my base Revit elements to populate a file but Model Builder isn't updating the Parameter that I am assigning. Below is a screen grab from the error report.

Anyone got any hints? I'm just trying to assign a text value to a material instance parameter, thought it would be pretty straight forward just being a text value as I've done similar with BIM Link (excel import into Revit) before.


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So I've done some more playing around and it seems I can push the parameters into almost another system parameter that exists, just not user defined ones.

Still looking for a better way to handle this if anyone has advice on how to handle Revit type or instance parameters with Hummingbird.

Hi Michael,
Any user defined parameter should work, looks like the parameter is named Material? You can't push material settings. Try changing the param name as it might be conflicting with the material param.






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