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Fernando Garcia raised the question on this post ( ) about means to exchange a waffled representation to Revit from Grasshopper.

As the panels are in vertical and horizontal planes, they can be represented as walls and slabs.  I'm not sure on the units of the pieces (I assume inches was most logical) but I've been testing this transfer this morning via IFC using the Geometry gym addons.

Most pieces work fine, although the Revit extrusion fails for some walls.  I've been testing changes to rhino document tolerance as Revit will have particular planar requirements.  Adding the perimeter curves to the revit document they appear ok.

You can import the IFC2x3 file using the native revit importer and get reference objects, but this is not really too different from importing DWG etc.

Files are attached if anyone wants to try, download latest builds from 



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Hi Jon
Try using the IFC in revit and get the following error message, may be a problem in the configuration of IFC revit?

Sorry, my mistake.  I somehow exported both IFC files to the IFC2x4 version.  Attached is IFC2x3, although Revit still doesn't like two of the slabs in this file.  Not sure if there is a means to relax revit tolerance.  Or maybe it is the notch that is causing problems?  I haven't seen this error with other models.  


I have no luck with the IFC, such these geometries? In my case I use the *. To export but Isat very "heavy" to handle.

Hi Jon,

I download your file (export waffle export waffle,)and test, why the wall can't stand ?What is the problem? 

I haven't been able to resolve this issue yet.  Revit refuses to generate the extrusion as a wall.  I started developing conceptual mass extrusions yesterday so maybe I'll test this.  My suspicion is it's something to do with "planar" tolerance from vertical but I haven't been able to proove this yet.

Looking forward to the new achievements!

I've had more success by generating conceptual mass extrusions for the waffle parts.  This works a lot slower (and is less flexible) but at least is working.  Is this family type satisfactory?

Make sure you update the IFC plugins from  I am continuing to check walls and slabs but have still not identified what the limitation is that is causing missing parts.




Great!!!!!!Very exciting! I will try it tomorrow,Thx Jon!

Hi Jon!
You can help me move to Revit components GH?
I do not understand? I've followed the instructions but it fails?

It's an interesting model but giving some challenges to the generation in Revit.  I'm not sure if it's the number of curves in the face perimeter or the proximity of the pieces.  Are the notches necessary in Revit?  What is the objective in transferring this model?

Revit is pretty specifically geared to typical construction details and arrangements.  I have seen users generating this type of "waffle" or similar jointed objects more successfully in Archicad.






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