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Hi Geo Gym.

I'm a student at Aarhus University in Denmark and my trial license has expired.

Is it possible to get a free student license for a year?

If yes, how ? 

Best Regards


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Hi Troels,

Yes, I provide free access for academic use of my tools (on an interim basis, typically 6 months at a time).

Typically I ask for an email from an university/school account, or proof of enrollment.  I will email you.



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I had to get my student license, too. To do that, you need to get your university email and contact your GH representatives. I also recommend reading the information at where there is a lot of useful information for students about educational services. Once I was very helped by these guys, I hope they will help you too.
I hope my answer was helpful and that you will be able to renew your student license. All the best to you!

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