algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm using the ggKarambaIFC component, but I do something wrong.

I do the output IFC and then I import it into Sap, But it doesn't recognize the Beam selections that the Beam optimizer did into Karamba. It selects other cross sections instead of the Karamba ones.

I did try to change to the imput of pro property file that I get the sections from, when I import the file, but nothing works.

I also tried the IFC4 and the 2*3IFC. Can someone help me pls?

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Hi Alexia,

Thanks for the post.  Can you please either post (or send to me privately) an example model demonstrating this?  I can provide the fastest assistance if I can readily replicate the issue.



at the end I did manage to do it, it was a problem of the different libraries, and before I import into sap I have to choose all the options I need if not it doesn't work. :) 

Hi Alexia,

I'm having the same issue that you are having, as well as my loads not importing to sap2000. Could you give a bit more information as to how you solved this problem?







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