algorithmic modeling for Rhino

If you have problems installing, there is instructions outlined here:

If you have problems, please either email me, send me a message through this ning or post to the forum below and I'll be glad to help.

If you're behind the firewall in China and cannot access the downloads, please email me and I will send you a link to a dropbox shared folder. 

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HI Shao,yan,

I emailed you, sometimes network card configuration might change if you say dock a netbook at uni or home.  If you run sdrZZLicenseRequest or run the diagnostic at the link I sent you, I'll advise.  I can embed multiple MAC address into the same license file.



ok, i know, thanks!

Hola Jon!

 Le enviado hoy mismo un correo para una licencia de estudiante. Realmente lo necesito con algo de urgencia,si me pudiera ayudar... por favor,

¿si podría revisar su correo electrónico? 

Muchas gracias por adelantado!


Hi jon,

i am a student of engineering at brunel (i can provide proof of this if required for the free lisence??), ive sent you my xml file (from: but as of yet have not recieved the lisence file, if you coud look into this at your earliest convenience it would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards

Hi, I just installed your plug in  and ran the license request command, but am still unable to use any of the grasshopper tools. I just emailed you the .xml file. Am I doing something wrong? I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania and will be using this for academic purposes. thanks

Hi Jason,

The license processing is a manual procedure, not automatic so it is dependent on me being awake and at my computer (Normally expect a reply within 10 hours worst case unless I'm travelling).  I've just sent the reply, let me know if you haven't got it.  Hope you enjoy the plugin.

Cheers,  Jon 

Hi Jon,

I just sent you the email. I would be really happy if you can reply back soon. Thanks!


Sir jon I am using Rhino 4 sr8 and i want to download the your plugin for rhino 4.. because i try the new one but dose not work.. so i think i used the wrong version thats why i try if you could give me a ling for the old version... hope you can help me....

It should work with rhino 4 sr8.  If you run the rhino command sdrZZLicenseRequest is it recognized?  If you send me an email/private message I'll help you with resolving this.



For my school project, I am trying to apply a rectangular tube to a curve and was trying to download/install Structure Draw Rhino, but I am working on a university computer and cant get it to install. It downolads to the desktop but then fails to open. If there is anyway you can help that would be great.




There's a couple of issues at play here.  Ideally you could approach your IT to install the plugin for your university (other students are also wishing to use it at Tulane).  I'll help advise them if they email me about bulk deployment.

But likely they won't do this until University Break.  If you can install it on any other computer, you could copy the SSI folder (something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\SSI) onto a usb drive and drag and drop the .rhp file over the rhino application and it should work.  Other instructions at may also be needed.  I'm happy to advise further.

Hey! I just installed a couple of your plug-ins Jon, still haven't gotten the license, please help as soon as possible!! thanks






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