algorithmic modeling for Rhino

If you have problems installing, there is instructions outlined here:

If you have problems, please either email me, send me a message through this ning or post to the forum below and I'll be glad to help.

If you're behind the firewall in China and cannot access the downloads, please email me and I will send you a link to a dropbox shared folder. 

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I have seen a couple of crash reports sent in for license requests, but I haven't been able to isolate what might cause it yet. Maybe if you don't mind you can help me diagnoze it?

But you can manually email me the file I need to

If you have Win7 or Vista, find the GeomGymLicense.xml in C:\ProgramData\GeometryGym or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GeometryGym

The folder is hidden, you can make them visible if you need to in Windows File Explorer in the menu Tools-Options-View

Sorry for the problem, it's not common.



I have this problem too.... file missing ggsaplicence. But I do have sap2000 14 installed on my pc. what can I do?

I'm not able to activate your license
I sent the email the mail but I didn't receive anything to activate it.


Hi Mirco,

At least for the time being, the response is manual. Your reply is on it's way via email.


thank you.
everything works

Hi Jon,

thank you for this very interesting soft, but...))
I have the same problem like guys, can you help?
Rhino asked me to send you email with "GeomGymLicense.xmlnew" file.
what will be the next step to start using GeomGym?

Hi Sergey,

I just processed todays requests, you should now have received an email. Let me know if I can advise with getting started.





I am a student from Innsbruck. I have downloaded the StructDrawRhino. Installation was no problem, but if I try to use the polygon packing it keeps asking me for the trial license. I have run the command sdrZZLicenseRequest and sent the email but it´s still not working. help!!!

Sorry, that email slipped through my processing yesterday, it's on it's way.

Hello Jon,


I e-mailed you yesterday for a student license activation. Could you check if you have received it or should I e-mail it again?


Thanks in advance,



Hi Thanasis,


Let me know if you don't have it now.  Apologies in advance to all, I'm in transit and a schedule of meetings and trainings for the next 10 days or so. I'll endeavour to reply to all license requests within 24 hours.





Sir Jon i am a new user and i want to try your plugins but i can't find the license file in my program data please help me   






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