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I am trying to get my IFC Data(simple box geometry) into Revit. The geometry was "traced" from point cloud data and therefore is georeferenced. When I import the IFC data and point cloud into a brand new Revit file it comes in correctly, matching each others location. However, my main project has the 'Survey Point' and 'Project Base Point' moved from its original, standard Revit location. When I bring in the Point Cloud using 'shared coordinates' it comes in at the right spot, however when I do this with the GeometryGym plugin with my IFC data it does not come into the right location.

I have determined how much the origin is off from the 'Survey Point' (the closest the IFC data origin is to the two of 'survey point' and 'project base point'), so I created a new CPlane with this new origin to match. But when I bring that in and choose "Named CPLane for site Placement", nothing changes. Still comes in at the same, wrong location.

My fix now is to manually select and move using the origin of my IFC data and placing it onto my 'Survey Point'. It works, but was hoping the CPlane fix would work. Any ideas? Setting the IFC import coordinates to 'Project' or 'Relative' puts the IFC data origin on the 'Project Base Point' which places it way further off than intended.

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