algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I do appreciate that there is a learning curve to generating IFC in Grasshopper, but once you get a grasp of it, the opportunities for generating BIM objects, attributes and relationships in Grasshopper has few limits.

And you get the benefits of "OpenBIM" with the opportunity to utilize the data in a multitude of software.

Here's some links to help you with learning IFC :

A video recorded 20 years ago explaining the intent of IFC

A blog post by Michael McCune (CASE) introducing and explaining the Geometry Gym GH plugin

Chrisopher Zoog of HOK presenting to New York City Revit User Group about IFC.

Simon Moreau of Oger International also has some blog posts introducing and demonstrating the Grasshopper plugin

Maybe a little technical, but it contains descriptions and diagrams explaining the IFC types and their attributes and relationships (I will start adding links to relevant page from components).

If you have other online (or offline) references or helpful material, please post.

Note I am planning on shortly enabling more BIM in Rhino (not using GH)

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Thanks jon.

Really thanks is passed onto users of the plugin sharing their knowledge to help others. is a sentiment I can strongly relate.

Thanks for the summary Jon! 

Are there tools in RhinoIFC or Bullant yet to generate tables, schedules, & lists directly from or in Rhino/Grasshopper?

It's a really interesting question.  There is a table structure in IFC,

I could enable a component to permit generation of this, certainly with manual population and possibly with automated calculation.

What do you have in mind with this, exporting to excel?  Generation of native schedules in Revit, Archicad etc?

Here's a recording of a presentation I did at the BimDayOut in Perth last year.  A pity I got a throat infection (wasn't expecting cold, wet weather in Perth) but hopefully the audio is ok.

This video should help understand the intent and capability of the IFC components in Grasshopper (and how to use IFC for intelligent model exchange).






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