algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Jon,

Your plugins have been of great use to me in my work ;)

I would just like to address some issues with ggRevit in conjunction with Revit 2018 (see images).

1) Units: Some components require meters and other millimeters in order to get them in the proper millimeter format in Revit. This can be a bit confusing.

2) Some categories that are imported with your tool will automatically constrain to the nearest level (such as floors) but some do not (such as walls/columns). 

3) Some Revit system parameters that would be very useful are not being transferred, such as:

  • Material layer functions
  • Structural usage for beams and material layers
  • Level function (building story/structural)
  • Wall functions (internal/external etc)

4) Not being able to create windows/openings in walls that have been defined by perimeter.

Perhaps some of these are wishful thinking, but maybe also some are easy fixes.

Kudos for all the great work!


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