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Is there a way to create an IFC Wall using a Brep as a representation and series of Breps to represent voids? I imagine it would be a similar thing to editing profiles in Revit, but in Grasshopper.



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Hi Konrad,

Thanks for posting the question.  I am planning on some rhino "BIM" manipulations of brep objects to represent walls.  But at present, Rhino doesn't store explicit history (or constructive solid geometry) defining how the brep is created (ie take a path curve and extrude to xx thickness of xx height).  But you can capture this "history" in grasshopper (so I'll implement this myself).  I've attached a sample model showing creation of an opening and importing it to Revit.  I have a lot more manipulations and improvements I'd like to make in this area, so let me know suggestions.  

I also attached an image and sample generation of a wall type (based on existing in Revit).  Note that if you use a name for the wall type consistent with an existing loaded into a project, the existing will be used for my importer.  It doesn't yet check for differences, so you could make a psuedo wall type without going into detail.

Hope it helps, let me know if not.




This works just how i imagined. Thank you!






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