algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hallo sivam,

congrats! the new version great! just started playing around with it.

what would be nice to have for the future I think is an option to automatically save the whole generation or specific individuals in different .3dm files. then you could open the one you like and easily distribute them on a grid or use them.

I see the intention to initiate the geometry from the excel file but who do you reinitialize an in individual from the saved excel sheet?

what is the "wildness" slider for?

best, chris

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Thanks Chris for your suggestions and encouraging comments. The way it is implemented now you can press "CAD Connect" (in view) and it will connect to Rhino. So you can get to the design that you like and then use Rhino to save it. We try not to replicate CAD functions that are available.  Wonder if this is satisfactory ?

Also, yes we plan to provide a grid component to distribute the generated designs. We are still working on the Excel part. Previously we needed to have Excel installed to use it. Now we dont.

The wildness slider increase the creative scope of exploration. Just yank it up and generate. See what happens.

Cheers and thanks for your comments.






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