algorithmic modeling for Rhino

anyone knows how to solve this problem?
I have attached the text of the exception occurred while starting genoform.

Please help me .Are two day that i try to solve that .  :(

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Can you please let us know the grasshopper and Rhino version  please.

This may be the cause :

1)      The image at the path in the pic was never created (may need to run as admin?).

2)      The user doesn’t have access to the image (security permissions - may once again need to run as admin?).

3)      The image name changed, or it was moved.


From memory, if they restart Genoform, it should connect to GH and re-make those images, shouldn’t it?


If this is the case, then hopefully they can restart Genoform and it will work.


If they haven’t right clicked Genoform and run it as admin yet, do that.

Depending on their computer settings, the images may not have been created initially because genoform was disallowed the rights to do this. Right clicking and running as admin will fix this.

Thanks for the reply .

My rhino version is 5 and gh is 0.9.0014 .

My very big problem is that i can't entry like administrator in this pc but like massimiliano.

The strange thing is that the sample files work great, but my files no.

What can I do?

Maybe i must put my file in the program folder like the example files?

Pls let me know if this issue is resolved ?






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