algorithmic modeling for Rhino

It is being tested. Will be released soon.

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Hey Sivam,

What is new in latest Edition?



Ok, here is the list of new features :

1) We can group the parameters (so you can separate and group the key parameters from the less important parameters)

2) You can lock and unlock parameters individually and by group

3) Clean up functions to discard failed results

4) Use generated images using windows directories to delete designs (so you can bring one next to each other and discard similar ones)

5) Hide irrelevant parameters

6) View generated images in zoom

7) Individually set limits on filter parameters  (using sliders)

8) Reload CAD file without having to close and open genoform

9) Much smaller UI (we want to allow the screen for design work, so the functionalities have been made into pop-ups).

10) Navigate in view to a desired design (by number)

11) Any other features our users want ? (let us know)

We hope that this version is much more easier to use and allows designers to manage what they wish to generate section by section or layer by layer.


hi sivam,

i just started ( or at least tried ) using genoform for my grasshopper.

it starts up nicely but the design seen in the rhino viewport won't copy into the genoform "explore" viewport an when i run "generate" it kinda starts but produces no results.....

can you tell me when the new version will be available? i'm using rhino 5 with gh 0.9.0061 running in 32bit on 64bit windows (strange, i know...) is it possible that those versions don't get along with the current genoform release?



Thanks Marta for trying it. This is our per-release version. Pls try it out. You need .net 4.0 or above. You can check your current .net version by going to program install (using controller) and searching for .net. You will be able to see your current version. Pls open a grasshopper file first. I have attached a sample file. All else should be like the previous version.


hi sivam, thanks for the file. i just tried it, but unfortunately the same problem remains:

the new (btw i really like the new minimalistic design) gf starts up, is connected to gh (says "whateveropenfile" is ready to be generated) and offers me all the options but won't actually show the gh-design in the viewport....after some time it will run error & has to be closed.

i followed the installation-guide for the previous version on your youtube-video, put the new component into rhino\plugins\grasshopper\components... and checked my .net (its 4.0.3 so it should work) 

do you have any idea what i might have missed/messed up, since i'm pretty much at a loss now...?



Probably not your fault. We will sort this out soon. Tx for giving it go.

Thanks Sivam,

New genoform interface is so cool and easy to use. I love using genoform as you could chose variable parameters during design phase and then all design iterations could be explored Frame by Frame which makes fsciliates optimisation process.

Good work Sivam...keep it up!!!

Thanks Agneesh.






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