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CreateMatrixFromAxisAngle: Creates a matrix that rotates around an arbitrary vector.

CreateMatrixFromQuaternion: Creates a rotation matrix from the specified Quaternion rotation value.

CreateMatrixFromYawPitchRoll: Creates a rotation matrix from the specified yaw, pitch, and roll.

CreateNUScaleMatrixCreates a non-uniform scaling matrix that is offset by a given center point.

CreateScaleMatrixCreates a uniform scaling matrix that scales equally on each axis with a center point.

CreateTranslationMatrixCreates a translation matrix from the specified 3-dimensional vector.


MatrixAddAdds each element in one matrix with its corresponding element in a second matrix.

MatrixDecomposeAttempts to extract the scale, translation, and rotation components from the given scale, rotation, or translation matrix. 

MatrixDeterminantCalculates the determinant of the current 4x4 matrix.

MatrixEqualReturns a value that indicates whether two matrices are equal.

MatrixIdentityThe multiplicative identity matrix.

MatrixInvertInverts the specified matrix.

MatrixLerpPerforms a linear interpolation from one matrix to a second matrix based on a value that specifies the weighting of the second matrix.

MatrixMultiplyReturns the matrix that results from multiplying two matrices together.

MatrixNegateNegates the specified matrix by multiplying all its values by -1.

MatrixScaleReturns the matrix that results from scaling all the elements of a specified matrix by a scalar factor.

MatrixSubtractSubtracts each element in a second matrix from its corresponding element in a first matrix.

MatrixTransformTransforms the specified matrix by applying the specified Quaternion rotation.

MatrixTranslationGets the translation component of this matrix.

MatrixTransposeTransposes the rows and columns of a matrix.


CreateQuaternionFromAxisAngle: Creates a quaternion from a vector and an angle to rotate about the vector.

CreateQuaternionFromMatrix: Creates a quaternion from the specified rotation matrix.

CreateQuaternionFromXYZW: Creat a quaternion by it's x,y,z,w value.

CreateQuaternionFromYawPitchRollCreates a new quaternion from the given yaw, pitch, and roll.

DeconstructQuaternion: Deconstruct Quaternion into X,Y,Z,W


QuaternionAddAdds each element in one quaternion with its corresponding element in a second quaternion.

QuaternionConcatenateConcatenates two quaternions.

QuaternionConjugate: Returns the conjugate of a specified quaternion.

QuaternionDivideDivides one quaternion by a second quaternion.

QuaternionDot: Calculates the dot product of two quaternions.

QuaternionEqualReturns a value that indicates whether this instance and another quaternion are equal.

QuaternionInverseReturns the inverse of a quaternion.

QuaternionLengthCalculates the length of the quaternion.

QuaternionLerp: Performs a linear interpolation between two quaternions based on a value that specifies the weighting of the second quaternion.

QuaternionMultiply: Returns the quaternion that results from multiplying two quaternions together.

QuaternionNegate: Reverses the sign of each component of the quaternion.

QuaternionNormalizeDivides each component of a specified Quaternion by its length.

QuaternionScaleReturns the quaternion that results from scaling all the components of a specified quaternion by a scalar factor.

QuaternionSlerp: Interpolates between two quaternions, using spherical linear interpolation.

QuaternionSubtractSubtracts each element in a second quaternion from its corresponding element in a first quaternion.


FalconEye: FalconEye, the marker detector detects Apriltags and NyID markers.

BitmapToFly: Convert System Bitmap to Firefly image.

FlytoBitmap: Convert Firefly image into standard system bitmap.

LoadImageLoad local image by giving image path.

ShowImage: Show bitmap image.

To use marker detection, you need to print out your markers or use it on your pad or phone(not recommended due to strong reflection of screen). Current supported markers are AprilTags( and NyID Model2( Remember, a white boarder around marker is necessary for detection.


PathFinder: A solver to instantly find out shortest pass between two points, avoiding given obstacles.

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