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beautiful text!

how do I get the font I would like to have?

can I get every font like in word?

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Hi Ahmed,

Yes basically you can. If you have the latest GH installed (0.9.0056) you can connect a ValueList and it will automatically get you a list of all installed fonts (like in word). Choose from that list etvoila.

It should look like this:

Cheers FF

@ Florian: 

Now I have really too many strings positioned at different locations.

I wanted to click on preview in the context menu of each text component and to put all that text in a merge component so that the merge component has all this text, but it didn't work, because the output is ALWAYS the same "Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity" ...

How do I extract the text from this text component to work with it further? ... Thank you ...

Hi Florian,

I'm using GH 0.9.0076. But my "Text Tag 3D" component doesn't have a font input.(also there isn't a text output). I could not change my font now. What can I do?

Hi wentao,

i guess you're using the the standard "Text Tag 3D" component of GH. You have to download FabTools in order to get the "Text 3D Advanced" component (like in the image above).

Best FF

Hi Florian!

Thanks for the reply. Just realized it's part of FabTools as well.
Thank you very much for creating this component! really useful for visualizing datum:)







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