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elk 2.2.2 topography component not showing error but not generating anything in rhino

i have watched tutorials on elk 2.2.2 and have the same exact script, using 1 arc second geotiffs and 2 construct domain components to define the area for the topography, but nothing is generated in rhino 5 - 64 bit. just wondering if im missing something. ive included the GH file if anyone wants to look at it   


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There's a couple of things going on here.  First the topography components work with data sets that are typically in 1°x1° tiles, and your trying to pull data from a corner where you need 4 tiles to work.  You can't feed it a single domain and have it work on all 4, you have to break up the domains to pull the relevant information per file.  So you need separate domains for the top left, top right, lower left, and lower right files.  Second, you need to make sure your domains are always smaller number to bigger number.  Your attached file has the latitude domain reversed which will cause problems as it tries to find the right location in the tile. One other thing to look out for is that you're matching up the correct domain to the correct file, which can be difficult to do if you just plug everything into an input. 

I've attached an edited version of your file where I split up your lat/lon domains, and then user a merge component to manage the sequencing of the domains to make sure I'm getting them in the right order.  I don't have your GeoTIFF files to make sure this works, but I think it should.  If it does work it will overlay all 4 topographies where the lower left corner of each is at 0,0.  You'll need to move them so that they line up appropriately.



Hey Tim,

I found this post searching my original problem wherein none of the grasshopper definitions created around the TOPO widget generate any content in Rhino. I followed the original tutorial from a couple of years back verbatim, but nothing. I tried opening the edit file from this thread and same thing, no topo surface winds up generating. I'm using Rhino 6-64 on Windows 10. Hopefully there isn't a compatibility issue. I should add that I have used the OSM widget and didn't encounter this glitch. I've included a screengrab of my grasshopper definition below.







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