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Is there a way when using either the User or Rhino attributes to recompute automatically? I'm using Human UI and elefront together and I need to be able to modify elements and then for it to automatically update. Becuase I have the Human UI viewport visible, F5 doesn't work and I don't want to have to keep switching back to Grasshopper. Any thoughts?


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Are you modifying the attributes in Rhino and hoping the components in Elefront to respond to these changes automatically?

Also, which window has the focus when you are trying to recompute grasshopper? Is it Rhino, Human UI or Grasshopper?


Hi Alan

Yes that is correct. The Rhino window would be the one active. The HumanUI just sits infront but isn't active.

Human has a dynamic pipeline component which does what I need it to do. It 'listens' for changes and updates accordingly. I was hoping Elefront could do the same.


What kind of changes do you need to listen to? Layer, Name, User Text or anything else?

In the current version of Elefront for Rhino 6, most of the Ref components respond to changes automatically. For example, RefName will respond to changes in object names automatically, RefLayer will respond to changes in object layer etc.

What Elefront components are you using in your definition?


Ah OK, I see the problem now. I'm using RefLayer but it is nested within a cluster. It dynamically updates outside of the cluster but not inside the cluster. 

Is there anyway to get it to work within the cluster? I can extract it if needed but it would be cleaner to keep it within the cluster.


I have a similar issue, where the cluster does not update after F5 (Recompute).
No use of Elefront nor Human UI in this definition (or cluster).
It is as if there is a data dam on the input side of the cluster.

Changes were made in a referenced Excel file, excel was saved, all other components updated in the upstream from the cluster.

Is there another workaround, other than unpackage the cluster?






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