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I have downloaded the most up to date DIVA Plugin for Grasshopper that is to be used within Rhino software. I have saved the DIVA plugin in all Grasshopper components folders. Upon opening Rhino, and opening Grasshopper the DIVA plugin does not come up within the Plugin Task Bar. I downloaded the Ladybug and Honeybee Plugins and these work fine within the Grasshopper software and come up within the Plugin Task Bar correctly. 

I do not know what is causing the DIVA Plugin to not load within the Grasshopper Plugin Task Bar. Would anyone know what could be causing this error? I need to navigate this issue as fast as possible in order to complete a homework assignment due in a couple days.

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The best place to post is here:

You should not move the GHA files around after installing.  You should also make sure the bitness of Rhino (32- vs. 64-) matches the DIVA installer you used.








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