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Thank you for such an awesome plugin! I love the simplicity to it from the tutorials but unfortunately I can't run it properly.. I am encountering two main problems: First is that the Creeper Engine is only returning empty outputs (as shown below) and secondly the Cloud Display slows down the computer immensely (although it probably has something to do with the first issue). Any ideas what is going wrong? I have the same trouble with the demo files too. I'm running this on Rhino 5.9.40624 on a new computer. Thank you in advance!

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Sir,it doesnt work on Rhino 6 after uninstalling culebra 1 too,any solutions?.Culebra  1 seems to be working on Rhino 6.

Thank you very much for your generosity, I have already seen the demo video you provided. The movement of those "particles" is very fascinating! You have done a good job. This is such an amazing plugin. It was really regrettable that I did not discover its existence until 2019. Lol. . .
But when I used this plugin I was confused. My rhino version is 6.13.19058.371, and it is certain that I only installed the 2.0 version of this plugin. In fact, the simulation was very successful. I also realized that the components worked successfully as shown in the video you provided. A large number of "particles" have been successfully moved. But the strange thing is that when I use "Gradient_Color" in the visual settings, the rhino interface will not display the track of "particles" but "creepers" can. However, when I change the size of the "creepers" to a large value, these trajectories appear faintly, and they seem to be transparent. . .
The other two visual settings "Graphic_Polyline", "Disco_Color" are working fine, at least I have not found anything strange.
I don't think it's your problem. Maybe there is something about my rhino display settings or something else? I hope to get your reply.

@suker13 I had the same problem like you. The solution is come back to Rhino 5. Then there is no more issue with gradient trails. Hope the next version will fix that.






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