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Good afternoon, I am a year 3 student of the Architecture department. I am a rather new member of grasshopper and this plugin in general. I realized that this plugin is very useful for me at this current stage as well as for what I want to do in the future.

I would like to ask about the application of it in real structure for 3D printing (by CJP technology). Specifically I want to see the different methods with which it can be achieved. I have tryed 2 already, "Morph between two meshes" and "voxelize by distance". In my case I've found more useful the second way as I want much bigger voxels than the ones the first method offers.

In the second case though, lattices end points dont have connections, I have tried "Lattice connection" and "Morph Lattice to skin", but millipede results (Stiffness Multiplier) dont have any difference whatsoever. I have tried to run lattice inside volume and the surface separately as well as both of them but the result remains the same. Maybe it has to do with support and loads (I am not really good at it...)

I would like to request your assistance regarding this.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Alexis Andreou.

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Good afternoon all, I have probably solved out most of the problems, seems like I've had a completely wrong perception of how the max distance(D) of MLS/ LC parameter works. And also the main mistake was the number of iterations and load/support placement ... Something that remains a problem is the efficiency of MBS( Morph between Surfaces) and Octapus workflow (When i compile search and optimization, after ~20 evaluatings it stops responding).I hope the issue with MBS will be resolved for future use.

P.S. Regarding Octapus, I know it is wrong to ask here but I have not found a forum for that. If someone can offer their advice for what I have to do so it doesn't create issues, I would highly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Alexis Andreou.






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