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I've been trying to get the Thickness to work with Shells.

Using the example file.

The only Shell types I get to work with the Weaverbird Mesh Thicken are the Gyroid (shell) and the LH Auxetic (shell).

The others (Octa, Dodeca, Trunc Octa, Cubic Center, Cubic Face) all produce an InValid Mesh out of the Weaverbird Mesh Thicken component.

And a couple even produce InValid Mesh out of the Cell Shell Fill component.

Am I being THICK, or is this a known problem?

Is there a workaround?


Dana Church

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Hi Dana

Weaverbird's mesh thicken will only work well with open meshes like the gyroid. It is only offsetting the surface. The other cells in Crystallon make closed cell meshes. I suggest trying the Dendro plugin for thickening lattices made with Crystallon.

Hi Aaron,


Installed Dendro and will look forward to applying it to Crystallon lattices.

Is Dendro also applicable to Crystallon shells for thickening?






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