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I've just downloaded Crystallon 2, installed, and looking at examples files.

Also read the 75 document over the weekend.

Are there any tutorials at all?

There is no explanation that I can find which explains the basic work flow.

I'm guessing that the workflow is: Voxelize, Populate, Modify, Thicken, etc.

Although there are example file for each of these, I think it would be helpful to have one or two examples showing an application of Crystallon from start to finish.

Thank you,

Dana Church

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There are some tutorial docs in the zip file for each step. You're right about the workflow. 

Hi Tim,
Are you pretty experienced with Crystallon?
Is it possible to vary the density and thickness of a lattice structure using Attractor(s)?
Thank you

Hi Dana,

There are no tutorials yet. I am working on this now and will make video tutorials soon.

You are right about the workflow. It basically goes in the order of the toolbars.

Yes you can vary thickness per beam using the lattice thickness attractor components. There are examples of these included in the download.

Stay posted for tutorials. These will come in the next few months.

No, I'm a rookie. Haven't done that yet. 

But it is 100% doable. 






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