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Can someone suggest how to add new Lattices & Shells types to the CrystallonV2 Cell Selector.

It appears as a ready-made dropdown list, but I'd like to add new custom elements to it.


Dana Church

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Hi Dana,

In the included PDF documentation there is an explanation of the data structure of each type of cell. If you would like to use your own, just bypass the cell selection process and connect your own cell to the "unit cell" input. If you want to add cells to the list, double click on the "cell type" cluster and you will see inside each cell internalized. You will need to add yours to this cluster and save it as your own user object. If you would like to contribute cells to the crystallon community, please add them to the github and I will include them in the next release.


Hi Aaron,

OK so I create my own Mesh object and Add it to the Cell Type cluster, and then also add an entry to the Cell Selector.

Your meshes have a bounding box of 5mm x 5mm x 5mm. And they are all simple planar constructs. And presumbly any mesh type should be 3d arrayable along X,Y, Z axes, so all vertices and edges coincide.

Otherwise everything will fail or fall apart downstream.

One question about saving a modified cluster as my own user object.

I can edit the cluster, but the options are: Save & Close, Discard & Close, Return to Parent.

So I don't see how to Save As. or save as a distinct User Object.

This is more basic Grasshopper but your advice would be welcome.

Thank you,

Dana Church

It is in the grasshopper file menu. With the cluster selected click File>Create User Object

Did that. Made sure it was in correct User Objects folder. Quit out and re-started.

Should I expect to see the new named Shell Fill component in the Populate menu?






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