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I got one question. I set up WriteXL and WO in such a way that each one generate me seperate excell  table in sheet 1. I am not sure how to output data to one component WriteXL so I can have two tables in Sheet1. I tried in WO typing "row start" position to be below my first table and "clear data" are set up to false but second set of data always remove first set. I would appreciate any suggestion and help if one file with results from two set is possible? 

Ps. My file contained many plugins so had to clear it.



Hi Michal,

Thanks for your interest in the tools.  We designed the Write to Excel component to write an entire GH data tree into an Excel worksheet with very low latency.  Based on your question and sample file, it seems like you want to write [2] different trees of data into [2] different ranges in the same Excel worksheet.  I have two ideas for a workaround:

1) Combine the two data trees into one, and insert null values where you want white space in excel.  If you'd like an example of this, format a sample sheet in Excel the way you want it to look, and read the sheet with our Read Excel Sheet tool.  The input for the Write to Excel component wants to look like the output from the Read Excel Sheet.

2) Write the two trees into separate worksheets in excel, and create a third worksheet that references the values from the first two into the desired ranges.

Hope that helps!  Cheers,


H Ben,

Thank you very much for your reply. Both options sounds good. I need to try first one. However

I could not make 2) to work to write GH data tree into two separate Sheet in one Excel file.

In WriteXL [Ws] is number of sheet and deafult is 1 -I shall change to 2 ? where I can control name of sheet I want to write data?


Hi Michal,

See attached file as an example for how to write to two sheets in one excel file.

Regards, Jonatan


Thanks Jonatan,

I think it does not work as should be.

When I run your file I can see only one sheet1 and one set of data tree from 0 to 9?

weird. it worked for me. When you launch excel, does it present you with one sheet, or with 3 sheets by default?

I now assume this is the problem becasue is opening with Sheet1 only. I will need to search how to change to deafult 3....and test again

I changed it to 3 and now it works perfectly. Thanks you very much for your reply. I really appreciated. Now can keep everything in one file.

I,m trying to use your dwg/dxf exporter, very unique and usefull tool. But I have a problem on layers output setup. 

Can you put an example with correct setup with some layers and diferent objects type?

Hi Leo,

Sorry for the very delayed response on this - hopefully you were able to figure out what you needed!

As for the layers, the way it currently works is that only one layer may be specified for each DWG/DXF that is created.  In a future release of the Toolbox we plan on addressing this issue, so that you may specify a layer for each element individually. 


Hi Matthew,

thanks for your reply. 

That will be a big improvement. Unfortunately there are very few components for dxf exporting.

It is very useful, for example, to do a batch process for dxf which will be used in cnc...and each layer is a different tool for the cnc machine. 


Fab batch processing was my suspicion on that question.  We originally developed the tool to generate hundreds DWG's for a massive building project that was designed around unique trusses at every single grid line.  The geometry generation was one thing - but getting it all into documentation was another, hence this tool to generate DWGs from a data tree.  But I can certainly see its usefulness for your problem as well.

We've added this layer fix to the ToDo list for the next release so keep an eye out.






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