algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Being an architect- I have a soft spot for architecture problems involving building codes. 

I discovered this question in the post below and I thought was a very interesting problem. Posted by: Jacopo Baldini

A little lesson in F.A.R. (we will US formula).

A little lesson in Stairway Building Regulations (USA formula for Egress stairs).

Option can be done without (stick to a basic formula) galapagos or also can be a good intro in to Galapagos IMO. 

Many don’t know how to use Galapagos effectively- and I think this problem is simple enough to produce some clear solutions.

Simplest/clearest solution to correctly solve this problem wins (two “winners”: one “winner” with galapagos one without).

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You want to find with galapagos best place to locate stairs or just generate such a staircase ? I dont think generating a staircase with galapagos would be effective.

Mateusz- Galapagos would be useful in generating different conditions for the area calculation of the staircase… consider that a given area can be derived from a couple of different dimensional proportions. The max area is in some ways constrained by the F.A.R.

These two parameters also constrain the width of the stair as well. And whether you can have a landing in the staircase or not.

Second look at the rise to run ratio. sometimes it changes based on area, and there are limitations there as well.

Galapagos will create options based on these parameters. 

The solution does not need galapagos, thats only if you want to get fancy. 






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